High Fives

Working with Us

You Can Count on Us To Do The Following

We Listen

It sounds simple, but surprisingly this step is often missed. We listen to your needs and build solutions based on a clear understanding of your needs. Our team spends the “upfront” time to thoughtfully review, document, share and verify what you want and when. As in all good relationships, we continue to communicate throughout the process to ensure you receive the right combination of support, guidance and deliverables.

We Collaborate
We are invested in building strong, engaged and productive project teams. We will serve you better if we work as partners and utilize the collective talents of all team members.

We Build on Success
After every project, we take time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t. The tools, new technologies and insights gathered from that process become part of the learning we bring to your project. As a result, we have a strong foundation, built on successful practices and long-standing relationships.

We Engage with Communities
It’s all about building community. We have solid long-term relationships with funders, vendors, organizations, staff and governmental agencies. Our extensive experience providing direct service to the community is both rewarding and energizing. We are committed to the communities we serve.

We Adapt to Changing Technology
Technology tools and resources are constantly changing, and we like that! Our job is to explore and identify the technical options that best address your organizational needs. We bring expertise in web content management, data architecture, programming, social networking, systems integration and information management to each project.

We Enjoy Our Work
Because it matters. We find that listening, learning and discovering solutions that make a difference can be a rewarding experience. Our team members enjoy working with organizations to create new avenues of learning and communication, and we do love a good challenge because it often leads to greater collaboration and, ultimately, better solutions.